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AFESIP Fair Fashion

Fair Fashion Cambodia began working with trafficking survivors in Cambodia in February 2003 in theKompong Cham province. Over the past seven years, they have increased capacity and now provide employment and training to over 50 women at workshops in Kompong Cham and Phnom Penh.  The organization was launched as part of AFESIP, an organization founded by survivor-activist and Glamour Woman of the Year Somaly Mam. 

AFESIP Fair Fashion conducts business under what it calls “equal exchange”, where all stakeholders equally benefit from the trade or exchange.

What we love about this partner: Fair Fashion and the survivors employed there are living proof that survivors can transform the communities in which they live.  When the group first set up shop in the rural village of Kompong Cham, the community was frankly horrified.   LIke many Cambodians, the villagers stigmatized trafficking survivors, believing that the girls would spread bad morals or HIV/AIDS in the community.  Once the girls had lived in the village for a few months, people saw how hardworking and friendly they were, their ready smiles, their dignity and courage. 

Gradually people came to understand that trafficking was something that was done to them, not something that they did wrong.  The entire community now understands trafficking and slavery in a new way, which means the children of this village are much less likely to be trafficked.  The acceptance also extends to the AFESIP orphanage for the youngest survivors, also in the village.  The survivors assimilated to such an extent that now production is periodically shut down for weddings or new babies!

You can help this fantastic group by earmarking a donation or buying one of their beautifully constructed and vibrant bags.