Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.


Rahab Bazaar is a faith-based organization which provides a way out of exploitation for women in Bangkok's Patpong red light area.  Through their jewelry production center, Rahab is able to offer realistic economic alternatives to women who are ready to reclaim their lives.  Some of the women in this district were trafficked; many were forced into prostitution by extreme destitution, or because they had children to support and saw no other means of survival.

Rahab survivors and staff go four times a week into the brothels.  The Outreach Team offers compassion, a listening ear, and the opportunity for a new life. 

Rahab employs 25 women, and provides short term housing for women leaving prostitution, until they can earn their own living outside of the brothels.  Peer support, spiritual support, English instruction and counseling are also provided.  While Rahab is a Christian organization, services are provided equally to all regardless of religious affiliation. 

Rahab Ministries was founded in 1989, and continues to grow under a strong leadership team of Thai staff and foreign volunteers. Rahab Ministries works in association with World Outreach and Biengwaung Foundation.

What we love about Rahab is their sensitivity to the needs of each individual woman and girl - understanding that each person is unique with her own dreams, gifts and potential.  But some things we all have in common: no one wants to be degraded and exploited.  Everyone needs and deserves to be loved.  Every few months, the Rahab team takes the women (including those still snared in exploitation) on camping trips, enabling them to play and to feel safe and happy, and to build on the relationships they have started.  For many girls, this is their first experience of safety, dignity and love in a long time.  Thanks to the presence of Rahab in this community, it doesn't have to be their last.

You can learn more about Rahab on their website, or support the survivors' efforts by buying their beautiful silver and semi-precious stone jewelry. 


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