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MBS Programs change women and childrens lives foreverMade by Survivors is a nonprofit organization which employs and educates survivors of slavery and other human rights abuses, including women and children living in red light areas and border towns, in extreme poverty.  Our programs create jobs in highly respected professions.  We create jobs with high wages that develop business and leadership skills.

In India, metalsmithing and jewelry design is traditionally a man's only profession.  Our survivor metalsmiths are breaking gender barriers.
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Donations and profits from the sale of products Made By Survivors go to support rescue,aftercare, education and employment in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand - regions of the world where trafficking is a huge problem. 

 "Made By Survivors changed my life," says Sonia. "I used to be afraid to dream, because I had so many losses and disappointments in my life.  Now I am beginning to dream again.  I want to become a master jeweler and beyond that, I want to train other poor women so they can have the same opportunities as me"

Empowering women changes their liveshelp empower women to change their lives
Priyanka was born into extreme poverty in a Calcutta red light district.  She was raised in a brothel  where she was exposed to constant danger and ostracized by society.  

To keep her daughter from being trafficked and forced into prostitution, Priyanka’s mother sent her to grow up in a shelter home.  

At age 18, Priyanka joined the Made By Survivors jewelry team.  Priyanka worked hard during the intensive year of training, becoming one of our most accomplished metalsmiths and designers.   The training and loving atmosphere of the jewelry center was very healing for Priyanka and helped to build up her damaged self-esteem.

Priyanka takes pride in having several of her designs in the Made by Survivors collection and in being one of the top producers and earners in the group.  Her dream is to become a jewelry trainer so she can share this gift with other poor women.

Priyanka is now ready to move out of the shelter and support herself independently.  She is also taking her mom out of the red light district so they can both live in safety and dignity.  
 Priyanka is a hero to all of us for transforming not only her own life, but the lives of others.