Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.

Design Matters


Design Matters

in partnership with Falmouth University, UK

Child participating in Design Matters Workshop, Calcutta

An important goal for Made By Survivors is to elevate the survivors' status in society and their self-esteem, so they can rise above poverty and slavery once and for all, and are no longer vulnerable to every kind of exploitation.  One of the ways we accomplish this is to offer ongoing, high-level design and entrepreneurship training, empowering our survivors to become product designers, supervisors and business owners, as well as artisan-goldsmiths.    We don't just want to offer survivors the chance to make a great income fabricating other people's designs - we also want to empower them to design their own future, to become leaders in this organization and in their families and communities.

In partnership with University College Falmouth in the UK, we recently offer a design course to survivors at our Calcutta and Darjeeling Jewelry Centers, taught by Falmouth Senior Lecturer Susan Shaw.  Susan encourages the survivors to find design inspiration in the world around them, and to open their minds to new ways of seeing.  She also taught branding,  balancing color and shape, and principals of proportion.  These  workshops were a condensed version of the same design training Falmouth offers its university-level design students, and in fact Falmouth students were very involved in helping to create and field-test the workshops.


Jewelry artisans film each other as part of Design Matters workshops

Survivors creating jewelry in Made By Survivors Calcutta Jewelry Center Design Workshops led by Susan Shaw of Falmouth University