Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.

Fair Trade Standards

Made by Survivors meets or exceeds international Fairtrade standards.  We insist that all our partners and programs observe the following standards:

No child labor

Employees and Survivors must be 17 years of age or older to work full time in our programs. In controlled and inspected environments we allow teen survivors (14-16) to work receive training and work part-time primarily for therapeutic purposes (art therapy) .These teens must be receiving other services like rehabilitation, formal or informal education, job training and healthcare.

Safe Working Conditions

We require a clean, ventilated, sufficiently large, safe, and comfortable working environment. We visit and inspect all facilities and spend time with the survivor/artisans in their workplace to ensure compliance.

Fair Wages

Employees are paid a fair living wage for full time work, in accordance with fair trade standards in their home country.

Vacation, Leave and Overtime

Employees work no more than 8 hours a day and are allowed local rest days, vacation, and sick leave.m We provide maternity leave and benefits and we make allowances which allow women to participate who would not be eligible for employment in the open market due to their home responsibilities and limited availability for work.

Voluntary Participation

Participationin work programs must be entirely voluntary. Survivors and high risk women living either at shelters or at home in high risk communities should be given a range of educational, job training and employment options, to the fullest extent possible given the economic circumstances of the community and NGO resources.

Other Services and Benefits

We provide a variety of other services that assisting and empowering the survivors to be become fully functioning members of society. These services may include medical care, non-formal education, counseling, housing or housing assistance, and legal aid. Opportunity to advance in leadership within the workplace must be offered to those who are interested and able, wherever possible.


Program participants must have complete control of their name, personal information, and image. All groups providing or selling Made By Survivors products must get approval to use any images of survivors. On our website, we never identify an individual in a photo as a survivor of slavery. Names are changed in survivor stories. We often choose group photos or side profiles to prevent survivors from being stigmatized. Child survivors of sexual exploitation are not pictured on our website, to protect their safety and privacy, and in accordance with international laws and standards.