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Luminous semi-precious amethyst stones are graced by etched silver beads are finished with a sterling silver bent-wire daisy pendant. 17" on knotted string with sterling silver clasp. Made by Survivors at Rahab Bazaar, Bangkok.

  • Amethyst and etched silver bead necklace with Sterling silver daisy pendant
  • Made in Thailand
  • Ethical and sustainable jewelry

Took is one of the artisans at Rahab Bazaar who makes this necklace.  She was born in Ubon in North East Thailand.  Her family made a living by selling fish in the market.  She was one of three children and her mother died when  she was 12 years old.  Death of a parent is a major risk factor for human trafficking worldwide. When Took was 14 years old she got into a relationship and became pregnant.  She and her partner moved to Bangkok where he drove a taxi.  Unfortunately her boyfriend was abusive and beat her regularly, even when she was pregnant.   Domestic violence is another risk factor for human trafficking. 

When her son was 2 years old, Took could no longer stand the beatings and ran away, finding work in a karaoke bar.  Three years later, she met another partner and married him.  Took had another child, but was then abandonded by her husband. She later began dating a guy who worked in Patpong a red light area of Bangkok.  Desperate to support herself and her children,  Took entered the dangerous and demeaning world of brothel prostitution. 

She met the outreach team from Rahab during their weekly visit to the red light district, and with their support, was able to leave prostitution and join the Rahab jewelry team.  Took’s faith has been an important part of her healing process, and she feels happier and more balanced than ever before.


Amethyst Daisy Chain