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NEW - this exquisite 1.5" long sterling silver pendant, is modeled on a flower that grows on vines near our Jalpaiguri jewelry studio in Northeast India. 18" sterling silver rope chain with lobster claw clasp. Designed by Nancy Edwards, who explains her inspiration, "I carved this hanging blossom with wonderful memories of my time spent teaching the Jalpaiguri jewelry team. The shelter housemother and I would regularly walk the students from the shelter home to the jewelry studio three blocks away. So, four times daily we passed this flowering tree leaning over a wall on the side of the road. If Housemother was not paying attention, (she didn't approve of bringing the dirty roadside flowers into the home), the girls would run to gather up as many flowers as they could before being noticed. One day, to everyone's surprise, Housemother started leaping at the high branches of the tree to grab fresh flowers, which she then distributed to anyone. We all giggled the rest of the way home".


Bell Flower Necklace