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Made By Survivors

  • Working with the girls... a Journey from good to better...

    This has been written by Aparna Roy, supervisor of Jalpaiguri Center, Bengal.

     Last night I was going through the photo gallery of my cell phone and I saw pictures of some jewelleries made by the girls. The jewelries reminded me of moments spent in the centre, some very beautiful, some upsetting and some very precious moments which will always remain close to my heart.

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  • Sex slavery in the name of tradition

    India in the truest sense is a land of diversity. It surprises me every time I learn more about the rural India. Female feticide is common in villages of India but there are some communities which wish for baby girls than baby boys born to them. Are you feeling better thinking that the change has started to begin, that Indian society is changing? Let me disappoint you then because you are completely wrong about this.

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  • Thank You, MBS

    At last came another Saturday after a hectic week. It was raining cats and dogs through out the day. After having a good family time with coffee, snacks and a hilarious Bollywood movie, I went back to my room and sat beside the window. It was raining and the wet greenery seemed like a beautiful young lady clad in green silk. Children some of them half naked, were playing and dancing in the rain, shouting endlessly. Their joy and pleasure knew no limits and their life no boundaries. Their liveliness brought back my childhood memories.

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  • Reality bites ! Indeed !

    Some (horrible) Facts about Women !   According to the United Nations Millennium, women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours. Cooking, growing food, raising children, maintaining a house – mostly done by women but this work does not incur any income hence it is considered insignificant. The ceaseless cycle of labour rarely shows up in economic analyses of a society’s production and value. 

    Thus, women earn only 10 percent of the world’s income in spite of contributing so much for daily labour. Where women work for money, they may be limited to a set of jobs, limited to low pay or low status.

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  • A Partnership to Empower Human Trafficking Survivors

    I was at the Made By Survivors office, when I noticed the Empowerment Pendant for the first time. The heart and hand stood out to me as simple elegance that child or adult could wear.  I immediately visualized placing one around my 8 year old daughter's neck to communicate that she should love herself and also love others by giving them a helping hand.

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