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  • A Different Me....

    This blog has been written by Soma Seal, our Jewellery Supervisor.

    On 19th May I left for Jalpaiguri from Kolkata. Arrived here(Jalpaiguri) on 20th May. Previously I had been to this place twice,but both the trips were entirely different from this one. First time, we all came here to see round this place and the exact location for our 3rd centre and we had come in a big group. Second time I came to help Nancy with the training.But this time I was all alone,I had to travel alone and also teach the girls alone.First time in my life,away from home,all alone.

    We started our 3rd centre in Jalpaiguri on18th April,2012. It has been one long month since we first started our journey here. In this one month's time some girls have improved alot whereas some girls couldnot continue with the jewellery programdue to their severe illness. These girls are so much deprived and hurt in their personal life that they sometimes lack mental strength and strong will power. But every girl is special and if they are focussed they can go a long way.

    At the same time, I cannot deny the fact that working with MBS and being with these girls has improved my life and enriched my personality.For the first time in life I left home and traveled all alone to a new city far away from Kolkata.Being in a new city all alone, viewing the entire city with a new outlook and experiencing all its good and bad sides, facing the problems all by myself,have made me much more strong, mature and confident.And all thanks to MBS for giving me all these and also the oppurtunity. The other name for life is struggle and I have learnt this from the girls of WIF, Jalpaiguri. And I am sincerely thankful to Paul for choosing me as one of the guides to show this girls their right path leading to the endless journey of life.

    Thank you,Paul again and again and thank you MBS.

    "I am a warrior, but not alone in this struggle. But still while leading the procession from front , at times I find myself lonely."

  • A New Start

    This blog has been written by Aparna Roy.Aparna Roy is the Supervisor of our 3rd Jewelry Center in Jalpaiguri, India. it has been a month she has joined the MBS family. She shares with us how she feels about her work and the girls at the center.

    On 1st may, 2012 I joined Mde By Survivors Jewels Lts at their 3rd centre in Jalpaiguri. Prior to this I had some work experiences which are entirely different from this.This job gave me an oppurtunity to work with not one but two renowned organizations MBS and Women Interlink Foundation.

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  • My Second Year in the MBS Jewelery Program ! - Nancy Edwards.

    After three weeks of training with the Jalpaiguri young women in jewelry making, I am so amazed, proud and excited about the new jewelers' progress.  Despite  their young age, they come to school every day ready to work, and with their drawing books filled with sophisticated designs. 

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  • Our 3rd Center: Jalpaiguri

    Our third venture of Jewellery Program is in Jalpaiguri, a district in the north of Bengal, started on the 18th of April, 2012. The shelter home at Jalpaguri is another branch of our partner NGO, Women Interlink Foundation.  Our first and second Jewellery program (Kolkata and Boisar) are very different from each other, not only because of the geographical differences but also of the backgrounds of the girls.

     I was very excited to meet the new team of Jalpaiguri. I was keen to know how the girls will be different from the other groups we have in the other centres. Needless to say there vibrant faces, glittering eyes and innocent smiles made me fall in love with them at the first sight.  This was my second visit to the centre so the girls had actually overcome the shyness and responded to my greetings and hugs.

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  • The Story of Jalpaiguri

    Last week Team India traveled to an area of West Bengal called Jalpaiguri (located about 3 hours outside Darjeeling) to open the THIRD Made By Survivors Jewelry Training and Production Center! We are honored to be partnering with Womens Interlink Foundation again and based on the success of the first jewelry center with WIF, in Kolkata, we anticipate great things ahead. 

    In part one of a five part blog series about the opening of the new center, Asia Program Director Paul Suit, walks you through the background of why trafficking is such a problem in this area of India.

    The Background

    Located about 3 hours outside Darjeeling and near the borders of the Indian states of Sikkim, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam, and the international borders of Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan, this area is a major transit, destination and source for trafficking.

    According to the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) Annual Report on Trafficking in India, “Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, which are located in the north of West Bengal, have long faced problems of unsafe out-migration by individuals bound for Kolkata and other metropolitan cities in search of livelihood opportunities. Kolkata for example, is generally considered as a major trafficking destination and center for brothel-based prostitution, along with Mumbai and Delhi. Trafficking of girls and women coming from the tea estates of these districts is prevalent.”

    Destination: The areas major economy is tea plantations which are notorious for bonded, child and forced labor. Women and young children are ideal tea pickers due to the small size of their fingers and hands. This allows them to pick tea leaves easier and quicker and when you add in the marginalization that is common among these groups of people in India (and the surrounding countries), you can see why it’s so easy, and profitable, for traffickers to prey on people in this area. Women and girls are taken from other areas or countries and shipped to Jalpaiguri to work on the tea plantations for as little as 50 Rupees ($1) per day – if they are paid at all.

    Source: Jalpaiguri is a very remote area with little to no infrastructure to support anything other than tea plantations and the occasional nature preserve. Schools are very basic and are usually government run which lack basic supplies and rarely pay their teachers (who often don’t show up for this reason). Due to these factors the opportunities for education and employment are almost nonexistent. This makes exploiting people all the more easier. The less educated a person is the more vulnerable they are to exploitation. The fewer employment opportunities there are the easier it is to pull a person into an exploitative situation. Many people are tricked into believing they are gaining a good job working for a tea plantation when in fact they are being enslaved without even realizing it.

    Transit: Bordering three of the worlds most notorious countries for trafficking, Jalpaiguri finds itself in one of the most important transit areas in all of Southeast Asia. With little to no border security or control it is very easy to transport people in and out of India through this region. Jalpaiguri typically serves as a transit route for girls trafficked from Bhutan and Assam, with many of the girls ending up in brothels in major cities throughout India. Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling have an influx of children both from neighboring countries and neighboring Indian states

    As you can see the need for both NGO and Government agencies to get to work and address these issues is vital. However, very few resources (either from NGO's or the Government) ever reach the area. 

    Womens Interlink Foundation has been one of the few NGO's operating in the area and have been doing so for several years. Currently they manage three shelter homes as well as programs that provide training for border patrol agents and local law enforcement. WIF and Made By Survivors are raising funds for a new building that WIF is planning that will consolidate the current shelter homes and house over 100 girls as well as various income generation projects such as the jewelry program. To learn more about the Free Forever Campaign click here http://www.madebysurvivors.com/freeforever. You can also view a short video about the campaign here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRMDW98FDG0&feature=player_embedded

    Part two of our blog series, "The Story of Jalpaiguri", will be published Thursday...here is a preview.....

    It takes the overnight train about 10 hours to reach New Jalpaiguri (NJP) train station from Kolkata and it can be a tough journey. Train cars are often packed to capacity with families, businessmen and tourists all trying to get a decent nights sleep and be as fresh as possible upon arrival in the morning. This is rarely the case of course and most people arrive with very few hours (if any) of sleep under the belt. Bleary eyed, hungry and in need of a shower people stumble out of the train car and find their way through the bustling crowds to try and find their bus, taxi or if they're lucky, private car. 

    Thanks and please share......

    Paul Suit 


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