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Human Trafficking Survivors

  • New Way to Grow for Human Trafficking Survivor Scholars

    Girls who were denied their childhood need all the tools and enrichments we can offer them,  in order to become strong, independent adults.  This spring we launched a new program in partnership with Senhoa and Womens Interlink Foundation, offering jewelry training – for therapeutic purposes rather than employment – and an innovative life skills curriculum for school-going survivors, addressing such issues as relationships, hygiene, self-esteem, health and women’s rights . Because education is our number one priority for younger survivors,

  • Metamorphosis of human trafficking survivors

    What a lovely day at the shelter home! It was ‘graduation’ day for the girls who completed
    the Made By Survivors / Senhoa training with beads and crystals under Anh Q. Hua. The training had ‘life-skills’ as a part of the
    curriculum, which involved classes on English, vernacular, general knowledge, bit of civics, home
    science. The training lasted for 3 months. After the completion each of the girls was certified and an

  • Modern Day Slavery and Health

    Not surprisingly, slavery is extremely hazardous to human health and life.  Many children who are trafficked into slavery do not survive to adulthood.

    Sex Trafficking and Health:

    For people enslaved for sexual exploitation, major health concerns include HIV/AIDS and other STDs, Tuberculosis, malnutrition and traumatic injuries such as burns and scarring resulting from physical abuse and violence. 

  • January 2011 Project Visit and Volunteer Trip

    Tuesday I spent the day at the Nijoloy shelter outside Calcutta, drawing and playing and sketching in a mural map of the world. The children look forward to our twice-yearly volunteer visits with tremendous enthusiasm. Unlike the busy and heroic shelter housemothers, the volunteers have nothing more important to do right now than to hug the girls, to hold their hands and dance around the courtyard, Growing up in a shelter home, or raised by mothers who are beaten down by a life spent in forced prostitution, the children are very hungry for affection.

  • Callei - a survivor of human trafficking

    Forgive the wandering tone, I'm so overwhelmed by what I'm assimilating, it's hard to be coherant at 2:30 a.m. much less marshall these thoughts into logical bullet points.

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