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  • Mumbai

    Oh goodness, I am stuffed. Just got back from an amazing dinner at a restaurant named ‘Khyber’ and it was delicious! I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven with all the scrumptious food around me to choose from…I’m such a lucky girl. At dinner, I was seated next to a family; a mom, dad, mother in law and a child no more than 2 years old. The child was quite vocal throughout dinner, sometimes noisy right in my ear, while the parents tried to ‘shush’ their baby. I just smiled, waved, made funny faces and said hi. This kid was too cute for words.

  • The Quilt

           In one week I will be returning to India with the organization Made by Survivors. With me, I will be bringing a quilt. This quilt was my arts and crafts project from last year’s trip where I had each child put their handprint, name and fantastic decorations on a 6x6 piece of cloth. Every single one was so fun and creative and the pieces came out absolutely beautiful. But, when I got home there was one problem….

  • This is the Best Day of My Life!

    On Monday morning, we began our 2 weeks of programming in Calcutta shelters and red light areas, starting with our very own Destiny girls.  After some very silly and hilarious icebreakers, we joined in a forum discussion about women’s rights,  comparing progress and continuing challenges in the women’s rights movements of each.  We talked about the fact that although the girls all consider America more progressive, we have yet to have a woman president or vice president, whereas India has had two women in the two highest offices.

     The girls felt that the biggest difference between Indian and American women is their confidence.  American women have more
    confidence, they unanimously think, because we are allowed to make all kinds of decisions for ourselves – what to wear, where and how long to study, who to marry, where to live, if we work, and in what field.  In India, especially among the poor and in villages, male relatives make all these decisions.  Even Becky has to give her father’s name every time she wants to rent an apartment of get a cellphone or Internet connection.  Obviously, this systemic sexism is a huge factor in human

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