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modern day slavery

  • A Lesson in Modern Day Slavery - Border Towns

    india nepal borderUS Mexico BorderLiving in or near an international border town greatly increases the likelihood of a person becoming a victim of human trafficking, for a variety of reasons:

  • An Interview with a Kindred Spirit in the fight against modern day slavery


    A couple of weeks ago, I guest posted on Scoutie Girl. Near the end of the article, I wrote:


    “At my core, I am a dreamer. And my current dream is to harness the power of story and use it to fight modern slavery, earn a living for myself, and teach people from all walks of life how to do the same (and hopefully much more). With my blog as my main platform and words as my tools of choice, I know I have ventured down an exciting rabbit hole.”

  • Modern Day Slavery and Health

    Not surprisingly, slavery is extremely hazardous to human health and life.  Many children who are trafficked into slavery do not survive to adulthood.

    Sex Trafficking and Health:

    For people enslaved for sexual exploitation, major health concerns include HIV/AIDS and other STDs, Tuberculosis, malnutrition and traumatic injuries such as burns and scarring resulting from physical abuse and violence. 

  • If you Call and No One Answers

    If you call and no one answers, go anyway”    Ravindranath Tagore

    While visiting tribal village prevention programs this past February, the volunteers also toured the town of Shantineketan, which is the birthplace of Ravindranath Tagore, renowned Bengali poet and advocate for social change.

    Several of the volunteers commented on the fact that it is a refreshing change for them to be in the company of others who share their passion for fighting slavery, and to be able to speak freely about all aspects of the issue.  Back home, slavery and human trafficking are often difficult topics for their friends to discuss.  ‘It’s not exactly popular dinner conversation,’ the volunteers agree.  As Becky Bavinger (former India Program Director) used to say, ‘talking about my work is  a real game-killer!

  • Since India

    I am excited to share that I have signed on to be a regular guest blogger for Made By Survivors! I volunteered over a month ago (has it really been that long?) and journeyed to Kolkata, West Bengal in India to help out in a couple of the shelters that MBS sponsors. I was six weeks pregnant at the time, and unfortunately, morning sickness decided to make it's first appearance while I was there. As it turns out, the baby growing inside of me is not a fan of Indian food. I ended up having to come home a week early. It was an amazing trip.

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