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  • I am now committed

     We have spend the past two days at the first of two shelter homes we will be visiting. Today we return there again, and then one more visit next Friday, where apparently a film crew will be filming us for a piece on trafficking. They will be following us around on our last three days here, from the sounds of it. 

  • The Real Journey

    Today I set out for the real part of this Indian journey. I get into Kolkata this evening around 7:30, but don’t actually meet up with the volunteer group as a whole until tomorrow night for dinner. I’m looking forward to meeting those who I’ll be side by side with for the next two weeks, but still nervous as all get out for what’s to come in the shelters we visit. I know I’ll see beautiful faces and smiles that conceal indescribable pain and abuse; I just pray I’ll be able to be of some use for the girls who wear those smiles.

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