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  • Small Things

    January, 2011: Back in India to check on the progress of the two new jewelry programs in Calcutta and Mumbai, our school- sponsored kids from the Kidderpore red light area and the WIF shelter home, the boarding school sponsored kids, and our partner programs in Calcutta.  We have also brought a small group of volunteers to do therapeutic arts projects with rescued survivors and born into brothels children. It's a lot to do in two weekd.

  • Leaving A Mark

    For the past three years I have traveled the world. Not the entire world, but far more of it than I ever had before. I thought I was really going places. I would return home to my children and grandchildren with stories and trinkets from exotic locations. But last week I discovered that I'd never really been anywhere or done anything. Sure, I'd snapped a few photos and sampled some local cuisine, but I'd left no real mark of any consequence. Last week I made my way to Kolkata, India, as part of a team of Made By Survivors volunteers.

  • Reflections on my upcoming trip, and the pros and cons of Made By Survivors' growth


    I leave in a few days to join one of our volunteer trips that Sarah and Paul are leading in Kolkata. Reflecting on past trips, I recently realized this is the first group trip I have gone on in 4 years. I frequently visit our programs, but as we grew we needed to start specializing and focusing on our areas of strength. As the business guy, I have been doing the business trips so I can focus more on meeting partners, potential partners, program managers and our staff, and developing strategy.  If it was not for the fact that there is team doing a documentary on us I would not be going, but the trip has been a good catalyst for me to reflect on how we had to change with growth and some of the things I have probably missed along the way.


  • Kolkata Joy

    And finally, we have Internet back…for the time being.

    The last two days have been so special. Again, its hard to describe what my time here with these girls means to me. They are so delightful, so loving, so deserving of great attention.

  • Nijoloy Shelter Home

    Today was amazing. We visited out first shelter home, named Nijoloy. I was filled with excitement and nerves, but as we got out of the car and were greeted by many girls saying, “Auntie, Auntie,” the nerves washed away and I was filled with such joy. These faces that greeted me, the arms that hugged me and the hands that held me were truly amazing and it’s difficult to describe it. It was an absolute gift. We spent a few hours taking pictures, being shown where they sleep, the flowers they planted and lots of dancing.

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