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    Oh goodness, I am stuffed. Just got back from an amazing dinner at a restaurant named ‘Khyber’ and it was delicious! I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven with all the scrumptious food around me to choose from…I’m such a lucky girl. At dinner, I was seated next to a family; a mom, dad, mother in law and a child no more than 2 years old. The child was quite vocal throughout dinner, sometimes noisy right in my ear, while the parents tried to ‘shush’ their baby. I just smiled, waved, made funny faces and said hi. This kid was too cute for words.

  • The Quilt

           In one week I will be returning to India with the organization Made by Survivors. With me, I will be bringing a quilt. This quilt was my arts and crafts project from last year’s trip where I had each child put their handprint, name and fantastic decorations on a 6x6 piece of cloth. Every single one was so fun and creative and the pieces came out absolutely beautiful. But, when I got home there was one problem….

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