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  • An Indian Woman's View

     In India not many people know about trafficking. Those that do know are usually powerless and can't do much about it, or don't care to help.

    People In India need to be educated more, especially the Women. I think educating women is the most Important and effective way to prevent trafficking. The more educated a person is the harder it is to exploit them. Sometimes people are trafficked because they are desperate to meet basic needs like food and shelter.

    Other times they are trafficked by people with two faces, people that hide behind goodwill and compassion to prove they can be trusted. These are the most evil people. Alcoholism and Addiction are also factor as they help people to make bad decision or Increase harted and animosity, which makes it easier for them to exploit people.

    The Govt. plays a role in this because they lower the prize of alcohol while at the same time raising prices for things like vegetables and petrol. It is cheaper to drink than eat. Because of this people can not depend on the Govt. and Instead must look to organizations like NGO's trusts or social enterprises to help by using Awareness, compassion, and direct action to help change society.

  • A Partnership to Empower Human Trafficking Survivors

    I was at the Made By Survivors office, when I noticed the Empowerment Pendant for the first time. The heart and hand stood out to me as simple elegance that child or adult could wear.  I immediately visualized placing one around my 8 year old daughter's neck to communicate that she should love herself and also love others by giving them a helping hand.

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  • Resolution - 2012


    The New Year begins with new promises, new resolutions, and new goals for each one of us.  But every time we somehow don’t succeed to keep all the resolutions or promises. Yet, we don’t lose hope.  Hope is what keeps us get going. So this year also I have made some resolutions and I will try to work on those as much as I can.

  • A Lesson in Modern Day Slavery - Border Towns

    india nepal borderUS Mexico BorderLiving in or near an international border town greatly increases the likelihood of a person becoming a victim of human trafficking, for a variety of reasons:

  • An Interview with a Kindred Spirit in the fight against modern day slavery


    A couple of weeks ago, I guest posted on Scoutie Girl. Near the end of the article, I wrote:


    “At my core, I am a dreamer. And my current dream is to harness the power of story and use it to fight modern slavery, earn a living for myself, and teach people from all walks of life how to do the same (and hopefully much more). With my blog as my main platform and words as my tools of choice, I know I have ventured down an exciting rabbit hole.”

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