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  • join hands and make a difference.....

    Born to a prostitute in the red light district, Rani knew her life would be like her mother. She had no family and she never knew who her father was. She never wanted to know infact. When Rani started to grow up, Meena, like any mother,wanted her child to go to school and have proper education. But life isn't easy in the red light district and getting her daughter admitted to a school became difficult, almost impossible for her. She didn't lose hope. The night shelter (at the red light district) close to her room supported her and let Rani stay at the center. Not only they put her in a local school and offered her tuition but she got a place to sleep at night while her mother was at work.

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  • Validation

    Yesterday I received some great news about one of the girls in our jewelry program that highlighted how successful our program is and how the sky is the limit for how successful it can be. 

  • Finding Shelter in The Red Light District

    When selecting our NGO partners, one of the best signs of the quality of an organization is how little money they on trying to look impressive, and how they creatively solve problems with limited funds. I am in Kolkata India, and we are spending a lot of time with our partner Women’s Interlink Foundation. Women’s Interlink runs over 70 programs in Kolkata including red light district drop in shelters, long term shelter schools, and health and nutrition programs. In total they serve 4000 survivors and red light and high risk children . They are also our partners in our Kolkata jewelry manufacturing programs.

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