Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.

Bright Future Brass Hoop earrings

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Light and exuberant, these 2" long brass earrings are a new take on the classic hoop earring! These delicate fair trade earrings are hand-cut, hammer-textured, and mounted on sterling silver ear wires by survivors at the MBS Jewelry centers in Calcutta and Mumbai. Designed by Dianna Badalament.

  • Brass earrings on sterling silver earring wires
  • Handcrafted in India
  • 2" long, exclusive of ear wire
  • Ethical and sustainable

Becky Bavinger, who sBoys growing up in Calcutta red light areapent three years living in India,helping to launch Made By Survivors' projects, including school sponsorship programs and the Destiny center, tells this incredible story about a nighttime visit to a project in a Calcutta red light area: "As it got darker, the older boys at the center told me that I should get going or I may have some problems walking to the bus stop. To get to the main road I have to walk through 3 long lanes of brothels, and the men in this area are violent and often drunk. One time I was even asked "how much?" So these boys offered to be my bodyguard and walk me to the bus stop. Five of these boys surrounded me, one holding my hand on each side, two in front leading the way, and one behind me. As we walked, many of the men made comments that I thankfully didn't understand and these boys just kept their eyes straight ahead, occasionally pausing to tell the men to show some respect. We got to the bus stop and they waited with me until my bus came. They even instructed the driver where to drop me off and to not overcharge me. On my way home I thought about how different these boys are from the ones they were protecting me from. I hope their background, and their exposure to women's suffering, will make them advocates for change instead of falling into the cycle of abuse. But I do have hope for them, and they have hope for their community. One of the more mature boys had assured me, "Becky di, we'll find you a good husband who will treat you like a queen."   We dedicate these Bright Futures earrings to Becky's bodyguards, and to all boys who care about the rights of girls and women.


Bright Future Brass Hoop earrings