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Handmade bracelets modeled by survivor artisans

Handmade Bracelets that Change Lives 

Imagine if you could buy a fashionable and unique bracelet and at the same time help a woman rebuild her life after surviving slavery or other human rights abuses?  You can!

Made by Survivors collection of sterling silver, semi-precious stone and recycled glass bracelets are handcrafted by artisans in India, Nepal, Thailand, Ghana and Fiji who have been trained in high level skills which ensure a very good income.   High quality employment enabling survivors to rise out of poverty once and for all, so they are no longer vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

Our collection includes elegant silver pieces displaying messages of freedom and hope, the bold colors of nature in our stone and pearl collections, and eco-friendly pieces using recycled materials.  100% of profits go back to programs for vulnerable women and children.   Your purchase can help make a big difference in a woman's life, ensuring her freedom and dignity.


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