Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.


Our unique fine jewelry is handmade by survivors of human trafficking and other human rights abuses at our Jewelry Centers in India, Nepal, and Thailand. Designers and jewelers from all over the world have designed necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for Made By Survivors. 

Our handmade fashion jewelry includes the elegant beauty of sterling silver displaying messages of freedom and hope, the bold colors of nature in our stone and pearl collections, and eco-friendly pieces using recycled and sustainable materials.   Womens empowerment and sustainable fair trade with fashion and style!

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  1. Happy Home

    Happy Home


    A whimsical home made out of sterling silver at the Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers in India. Pendant is strung on an 18" chain. Designed by Ginny Sanford. The Happy Home illustrates the importance of shelter in a loving place. MBS partners and helps builds "Happy Homes" for women all over the world. Learn More
  2. Sterling Silver & Brass Free Bird Necklace

    Sterling Silver & Brass Free Bird Necklace


    Our signature piece, the stunning sterling silver Free Bird necklace, on 16" sterling silver chain, was the very first design produced for sale by the pioneering survivor-silversmiths in our Jewelry programs in Calcutta and Mumbai. This ethically sourced necklace - along with the other pieces in our signature Free Bird collection - is truly a labor of love. Designed by our Jewelry Program Consultant Melissa Tyson, www.melissatysondesigns.com, the Free Bird pendant is hand-cut from sterling silver and hand-stamped with the word 'FREE'.

    • Sterling silver pendant - 1 1/4" x 5/8"
    • 16" sterling silver ball chain with lobster claw clasp.
    • Handcrafted in India
    • Ethical and Sustainable
    Learn More
  3. The Rising Necklace

    The Rising Necklace


    This exquisite necklace has two separate pieces: the cupped Lotus flower is crafted from copper, and rests on a sterling silver disc with a leaf design cut-out.1" in diameter on 18" sterling silver chain. The necklace was designed by Amy Haieriet and won a design competition hosted by Sew Love, and originally custom made for our wonderful partner organization on the Central Coast of California - Rising International. Handmade in India by survivors at our Calcutta Jewelry studio. Learn More
  4. Tik Tiki Necklace

    Tik Tiki Necklace


    Charming and whimsical 1" tall sterling silver Gekko, designed by Dianna Badalament, was inspired by the many gekkos that share our Calcutta Jewelry Studio. It's linear shape is modern and subtle, a second glance reveals much more fine detail and personality. The Gekko is hung on 18" sterling silver rope chain with lobster claw clasp. Learn More
  5. handmade sterling silver pendant

    Mukti Coin Pendant


    NEW - This reversible, unisex pendant was inspired by MBS's tireless Managing Director, Paul Suit. The pendant is an "ancient coin" representing the timelessness of slavery, and, the exploitation of people for profit. One side has "free" or "Mukti" in Bengali written on it, something the survivors we work with have fought so hard to achieve. The other side is a lucky elephant, inspired by an elephant in the wild Paul spotted on his way to scout our third jewelry studio. Designed by Dianna Badalament, fabricated at the Made By Survivors jewelry studios in Calcutta and Darjeeling, India. Learn More

  6. Tears of Joy

    Silver Tears of Joy


    Bohemian style earrings in hammered sterling silver. Made in India. Learn More
  7. Eternal Flame Necklace

    Eternal Flame Necklace


    NEW! Delicate, beautifully formed three dimensional sterling silver flame pendant with a fantastic linear texture. 1" tall, floats on 18" sterling silver rope chain. Designed by Jenny Reeves, made in India. Pictured on actress Sarah Hyland (Modern Family). Learn More
  8. Stepping Stones Earrings

    Stepping Stones Earrings


    A series of graduating sterling silver discs, hammered by hand, evokes memories of stones crossing a mountain stream, on sterling silver ear wires. 2" long exclusive of ear wires. Designed by Dianna Badalament for our talented and courageous jewelers in India. Learn More
  9. Silver HOPE Word Necklace

    Silver HOPE Word Necklace


    NEW - the 'HOPE' word necklace, designed by UK metal sculptor Roger Weisman, now in luminous sterling silver, on 18" sterling silver  chain with lobster claw clasp. Made in India, by our pioneering survivor-artisans, some of India's first women goldsmiths! Learn More
  10. Handmade Ring

    Kathleen Ring

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $35.00

    Modeled on the ring presented to Maureen in author Kathleen McGowan's bestselling novel, The Expected One. 100% sterling silver, circle is 3/4" wide. We are honored and excited to bring this long-expected ring into our collection.

    Kathleen has been a long-time supporter of Made By Survivors and her community of readers, friends and fans helped to raise the roof at a shelter construction project in Mumbai last year, and have contributed to many other projects.

    The design on this ring represents the possibility of transforming the world through our service to others.

    Learn More
  11. Bird in Flight

    Bird in Flight


    NEW design from Paromita at our Calcutta studio, features a bird cut out on sterling silver, hanging freely on top of solid silver backplate, 1" tall on 18" silver snake chain. Paromita says she loves bird because they are represent freedom for her. Made in India at our Artisan Jewelry Centers in Calcutta, Mumbai and Darjeeling. Learn More
  12. Monsoon Earrings

    Monsoon Earrings


    Intriguing and modern sterling silver earrings with an ethnic influence, 2.2" long (exclusive of ear wire) with lavender crystal accent bead, designed by Dianna Badalament for the MBS Jewelry Program in India. These earrings showcase several techniques which the survivors master as part of their extensive training, including hammer texturing and wire-bending. Made at the MBS Jewelry Centers in Calcutta and Mumbai. Learn More
  13. Lovebird Stud Earrings

    Lovebird Stud Earrings

    Regular Price: $24.00

    Special Price: $15.00

    Charming post earrings feature delicate lovebirds. Handcrafted in sterling silver - a charming gift for girls. Designed by world-famous UK jewelry designer Jinx McGrath for her Himalayan Collection, made by our newest silver artisans at Esther Benjamin Trust, Nepal. Check out our other bird jewelry including the Free Bird and Bird in Flight necklaces. Learn More
  14. Paisley Pendant

    Mehindi Paisley Pendant


    The paisley is a major design element in India having religious and socio-economic meaning. Mehindi is the art of henna tattoo and paisleys are a large part of the design. Designed by Dianna Badalament, Jewelry Program Director. Dianna says, "Each time I leave India, on my last day, the survivors give me mehindi on my hands and or feet, an act that shows affection and trust. For me, the paisley represents that beautiful day of bonding that I never want to end. As the act of bonding with another human is one of the most primal, compelling and lasting processes humans can create, and the feelings emoted are uniquely special, I wanted to create a piece both beautiful, but, one with meaning which with we can all relate." Sterling silver on sterling silver chain. Learn More
  15. Silver Bright Futures Earrings

    Silver Bright Futures Earrings


    Light and exuberant, these 2" long (exclusive of earwire) sterling silver earrings are hand-cut, hammer-textured, and mounted on sterling silver ear wires. Made by survivors at the MBS Jewelry centers in Calcutta and Mumbai, and contribute to a very bright futures for the survivors that make them, and for their families. Designed by Dianna Badalament. Learn More
  16. Silver Disk and Pearl Bracelet

    Silver Disk and Pearl Bracelet

    Regular Price: $36.00

    Special Price: $21.00

    Freshwater Pearl and Etched Silver Disc Bracelet, 7.5", is graceful and simply lovely, made to match our Silver Disc and Pearl Necklace, and Grey Pearl Earrings, Made By Survivors at Rahab Thailand Learn More
  17. Brass Stepping Stones Earrings

    Brass Stepping Stones Earrings

    Regular Price: $36.00

    Special Price: $21.60

    A series of graduating brass discs, hammered by hand, evokes memories of stones crossing a mountain stream, on sterling silver ear wires. 2" long exclusive of ear wires. Designed by Dianna Badalament for our talented and courageous jewelers in India. Learn More
  18. Silver Leaf Long Necklace

    Silver Leaf Long Necklace


    Elegant and simple sterling silver leaf pendant, strung on extra long 30" silver filled chain for Boho-style. Designed by Theresa Kwong and Made by Survivors at the MBS Jewelry Studios in India. Theresa says of her modern and elegant design: "I use this leaf to depict healing and renewal from the tragic past of the survivors. May the leaf's wearer amend any past mistakes and welcomes changes for the better." Learn More
  19. Riveted Sterling Silver Bangle

    Riveted Sterling Silver Bangle


    Sterling silver bangle is hand-formed, hammer-textured, then riveted closed in a design that marries the feminine and the industrial. 8" width. Designed By Dianna Badalament and made at the MBS Jewelry Centers in India. Learn More
  20. Silver Labyrinth Necklace

    Silver Labyrinth Necklace


    This delicate and mystical new necklace was designed by Nancy Edwards in collaboration with NY Times Bestselling author Kathleen McGowan. The six-petal rose design replicates the center of the world-famous labryrinth in Chartres Cathedral. 1.75" in diameter, sterling silver on 18" sterling silver chain. Made by Survivors at the MBS Jewelry Centers in India. Learn More
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