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Our unique fine jewelry is handmade by survivors of human trafficking and other human rights abuses at our Jewelry Centers in India, Nepal, and Thailand. Designers and jewelers from all over the world have designed necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for Made By Survivors. 

Our handmade fashion jewelry includes the elegant beauty of sterling silver displaying messages of freedom and hope, the bold colors of nature in our stone and pearl collections, and eco-friendly pieces using recycled and sustainable materials.   Womens empowerment and sustainable fair trade with fashion and style!

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  1. Brass Bird Earrings

    Brass Bird Earrings


    Brass earrings depicting a dove, .6" tall, hand cut and hammered into a slightly domed shape. Handmade by survivors in our Mumbai and Calcutta Jewelry Centers, made to match our Free Bird necklaces.. Sterling silver ear wires. Learn More
  2. Elephant Stud Earrings

    Elephant Stud Earrings


    Charming post earrings feature the elephant - a beloved animal and a symbol for overcoming obstacles in Nepali folklore. Handcrafted in sterling silver - a lovely gift for girls. Designed by world-famous UK jewelry designer Jinx McGrath for her Himalayan Collection, made by our newest silver artisans at Esther Benjamin Trust, Nepal. Made to match our Elephant Bangle and Elephant Ring. Learn More
  3. Nocturnal Peace

    Nocturnal Peace


    A peaceful night of rest brings renewed power to the soul. Celebrate the tranquility of the night wit three strands of swirly black and gray glass beads accented with dark wooden beads strung on knotted cotton cord. Adjusts from 18 inches to 32 inches. Crafted by artisans at the Princess Home in Nepal.

    • Glass and wooden beaded multi-strand necklace
    • 18"-30" adjustable on black cotton cord
    • Made in Nepal
    • Thical and sustainable jewelry
    Learn More
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