Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.


Our unique fine jewelry is handmade by survivors of human trafficking and other human rights abuses at our Jewelry Centers in India, Nepal, and Thailand. Designers and jewelers from all over the world have designed necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for Made By Survivors. 

Our handmade fashion jewelry includes the elegant beauty of sterling silver displaying messages of freedom and hope, the bold colors of nature in our stone and pearl collections, and eco-friendly pieces using recycled and sustainable materials.   Womens empowerment and sustainable fair trade with fashion and style!

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  1. Sterling Silver Bird Earrings

    Sterling Silver Bird Earrings


    Sterling silver earrings depict a dove, .6" tall, hand cut and hammered into a slightly domed shape.  Handmade by survivors in our Mumbai and Calcutta Jewelry Centers, made to match our Free Bird necklaces and bracelet. Sterling silver ear wires.

    • Sterling silver bird earrings
    • Sterling silver handmade ear wires
    • Made in India
    • Fair trade silver jewelry product

    The Free Bird collection was designed by acclaimed North Carolina jeweler and designer Melissa Tyson for Made by Survivors.  Birds are the perfect metaphor for our survivors because they are at once so vulnerable and delicate, and incredibly strong.  Tiny birds fly thousands of miles in migration.  Our survivors too have a long journey ahead of them, as they rebuild shattered lives and gain the tools to rejoin society as strong, independent, capable women.  Our commitment is to walk beside them every step of the journey, and our job is not finished until they are permanently slavery-proofed, with education, economic empowerment, a strong identity and sense of self-worth, and knowledge of human rights and laws regarding slavery and the laws surrounding it.

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  2. Handmade Ring

    Kathleen Ring

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $35.00

    Modeled on the ring presented to Maureen in author Kathleen McGowan's bestselling novel, The Expected One. 100% sterling silver, circle is 3/4" wide. We are honored and excited to bring this long-expected ring into our collection.

    Kathleen has been a long-time supporter of Made By Survivors and her community of readers, friends and fans helped to raise the roof at a shelter construction project in Mumbai last year, and have contributed to many other projects.

    The design on this ring represents the possibility of transforming the world through our service to others.

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  3. Lotus Flower and Garnet Earrings

    Lotus Flower and Garnet Earrings


    NEW - Delicate and detailed sterling silver lotus flower, accented with semiprecious garnet, on sterling silver ear wires. Made in Nepal. Learn More
  4. Petal Mosaic & Sterling Earrings

    Petal Mosaic & Sterling Earrings


    Sterling silver and mosaic petal earrings, .5" exclusive of sterling silver ear wires, in colors to match the necklaces in our new mosaic collection. Our new range of mosaic jewelry from Nepal is made from up-cycled formica kitchen tile scraps, and set in sterling silver, with silver plated brass back-plate, on 16" silver chain. Made by Survivors at Freedom Matters Nepal. Learn More
  5. Pink Pearl and Crystal Necklace

    Pink Pearl and Crystal Necklace


    Delicate and soft pink freshwater pearl and crystal necklace, strung on champagne colored string, with adjustable closure, 17-25" long. Made by survivors at Princess Home in Kathmandu, Nepal Learn More
  6. Turquoise and Wood Bead Necklace

    Turquoise and Wood Bead Necklace


    Turquoise crackle beads, natural wood beads and white and black striped zebra stone beads, handmade in Tibet and strung on brown cotton cord by survivors in Nepal. Adjustable closure from 18-24". Made to match our Turquoise and Wood Bead Earrings and Bracelet. Learn More
  7. Cave Art Necklace

    Cave Art Necklace


    Enchanting long statement necklace features bright green glass beads, bias-carved wood beads, and sand-colored beads, hand painted with images reminiscent of cave art, on three strands of knotted brown cotton cord, adjustable from 24"-36". Made to match our Cave Art Bracelet and earrings, by survivors at Princess Home in Kathmandu, from handmade Tibetan beads which provide a means of livelihood for nomadic Tibetans. Learn More
  8. Cloud Necklace

    Cloud Necklace


    NEW, Adjustable length necklace features intriguing white crackle beads, accented with a variety of wooden beads and translucent beads, strung on black cord with adjustable closure, 17"-25". Made by survivors at Princess Home, Nepal from handmade beads which provide livelihood for nomadic Tibetans in Nepal. Learn More
  9. Handmade Tanja Necklace

    Tanja Necklace


    This unique necklace, adjustable from 22" to 36", is elaborately strung with scores of tiny glossy silver and black ombre beads, with tiny knots between each bead. The time-intensive technique used to create this piece demonstrates the great care and skill of our Nepali jewelers of The Princess Home. Pictured on Janise Burrafato who modeled and wrote about the piece in her blog, Mama in Heels.  Says Janice "I'm a firm believer that it's never too late for a new beginning, no matter how old you are or what economic status you're in".

    • Glass beaded long necklace
    • 22"-36" adjustable cotton cord
    • Made in Nepal
    • Socially and environmentally responsible
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