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Blackened Silver Mukti Coin Pendant

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NEW - This reversible, blackened, unisex pendant was inspired by MBS's tireless Managing Director, Paul Suit. The pendant is an "ancient coin" representing the timelessness of slavery, and, the exploitation of people for profit. One side has "free" or "Mukti" in Bengali written on it, the other side is a lucky elephant. The elephant is also meant to bring good luck to the wearer. Antiqued vibe. Coin is .8" in diameter. Designed by Dianna Badalament, fabricated at the Made By Survivors jewelry studios in Calcutta and Darjeeling, India.


Blackened Silver Mukti Coin Pendant

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The Mukti Coin was designed by Dianna Badalament, our International Jewelry Program Director. According to Dianna "The pendant is an "ancient coin" representing the timelessness of slavery, and, the exploitation of people for profit. One side has "free" in Bengali written on it, something the survivors we work with have fought so hard to achieve. On the other side is a lucky elephant, inspired by an elephant in the wild, Paul saw on his way to scout our third jewelry studio. The good omen made for a very successful trip and our third studio is now fully operational."

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Many of our artisans are survivors of human trafficking and brothel slavery who have been rescued in raids and have spent several years in local aftercare shelters are also in need of help and opportunities if they are to leave the shelters, live independently, and support themselves. Typically, these girls were trafficked between the ages of 11 and 14 from impoverished rural areas in India, Bangladesh or Nepal. They have spent months or years as slaves in brothels, where they endure severe physical, sexual and emotional abuse and torture. Those fortunate enough to be rescued from slavery face continuing extreme challenges in rejoining mainstream society. Shelters struggle to get survivors reintegrated into society because of social stigma and a lack of economic options.

Enslaved people lose control of every aspect their lives - their sexuality, health, nutrition, where they live, their labor, and their children’s lives. Their situation not only causes tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual trauma, but also means that society as a whole is deprived of potential leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists. The new jewelry center will help survivors to regain that control, and to enjoy lives of freedom and opportunity, and ultimately to contribute to their community and enable the transformation of others lives.

Participation in our Jewelry Program has long term and measurable impact on the survivor and her family and community. These benefits include improved health outcomes, increased literacy and numeracy, decreased rate of recidivism into slavery or other forms of exploitation, social reintegration, and education for children of survivors.