Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.


making semiprecious stone jewelry in BangkokOur pearl and semi-precious stone jewelry is handcrafted by survivors of slavery, extreme poverty and other human rights abuses, as well as young women formerly growing up on the streets, in Nepal and Thailand.

Using natural materials such as amethyst, freshwater pearls, jade, turquoise and amber, jewelers in these programs create sustainable futures and timeless works of wearable art. Womens empowerment and Fair Trade with fashion and style.

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  1. Blue Glass and Wood Necklace

    Blue Glass and Wood Necklace


    Sky blue glass beads and tribal-carved wood beads combine for a stunning natural effect on several strands of black cotton cord in this exotic necklace, made by survivors at Princess Home Nepal with hand-made beads from Tibet. Learn More
  2. Cave Art Necklace

    Cave Art Necklace


    Enchanting long statement necklace features bright green glass beads, bias-carved wood beads, and sand-colored beads, hand painted with images reminiscent of cave art, on three strands of knotted brown cotton cord, adjustable from 24"-36". Made to match our Cave Art Bracelet and earrings, by survivors at Princess Home in Kathmandu, from handmade Tibetan beads which provide a means of livelihood for nomadic Tibetans. Learn More
  3. Inner Fire Necklace

    Inner Fire Necklace


    New necklace from Princess Home Nepal features fiery red marbled beads, luminous orange geometric-cut beads, alongside hand-cut natural wood beads in a variety of shapes and shades, strung on cotton cord with clever braided closure, adjustable from 18"-34", handmade with beads carried down to Nepal by nomadic Tibetans. Supplies are limited. Learn More
  4. Turquoise and Wood Bead Necklace

    Turquoise and Wood Bead Necklace


    Turquoise crackle beads, natural wood beads and white and black striped zebra stone beads, handmade in Tibet and strung on brown cotton cord by survivors in Nepal. Adjustable closure from 18-24". Made to match our Turquoise and Wood Bead Earrings and Bracelet. Learn More
  5. Overcoming



    A glorious, hot mess of rich earth-toned wood and stone beads in a variety of shapes and sizes, on five strands of knotted cord. This necklace is an inspiring symbol of the strength of the artisans working together and overcoming obstacles in their paths. Adjusts from 22 to 40 inches. Made by survivors in Nepal

    • Wood and stone bead necklace
    • 22"-40" adjustable, on black cotton cord
    • Made in Nepal
    • Eco-conscious and fair trade
    Learn More
  6. Floating Pearl Necklace

    Floating Pearl Necklace

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price: $57.00

    As seen in Traditional Home Magazine - this magical freshwater pearl and faceted crystal necklace appears to float on your neck, and shines with natural beauty and hope for a brighter future for survivors in Bangkok. 18" with lobster claw clasp, and 2" sterling extender

    • Freshwater pearl necklace on 'invisible' cord
    • Made in Thailand
    • 18" with 2" extender, and sterling silver lobster claw clasp
    • Ethical and sustainable
    Learn More
  7. Cloud Necklace

    Cloud Necklace


    NEW, Adjustable length necklace features intriguing white crackle beads, accented with a variety of wooden beads and translucent beads, strung on black cord with adjustable closure, 17"-25". Made by survivors at Princess Home, Nepal from handmade beads which provide livelihood for nomadic Tibetans in Nepal. Learn More
  8. Pink Pearl and Crystal Necklace

    Pink Pearl and Crystal Necklace


    Delicate and soft pink freshwater pearl and crystal necklace, strung on champagne colored string, with adjustable closure, 17-25" long. Made by survivors at Princess Home in Kathmandu, Nepal Learn More
  9. Majestic Skies Pearl and Glass Bead Necklace

    Majestic Skies Pearl and Glass Bead Necklace


    Thisgorgeous necklace has an airy quality. A beautiful combination of translucent blue glass beads, shiny black beads, wood beads and silvery freshwater pearls on a knotted cord that adjusts from 16 to 32 inches. Made at Princess Home in Nepal

    • Glass and pearl beaded necklace
    • Made in Nepal
    • 16"-32" long on black cotton cord
    • Fair trade necklace
    Learn More
  10. Handmade Tanja Necklace

    Tanja Necklace


    This unique necklace, adjustable from 22" to 36", is elaborately strung with scores of tiny glossy silver and black ombre beads, with tiny knots between each bead. The time-intensive technique used to create this piece demonstrates the great care and skill of our Nepali jewelers of The Princess Home. Pictured on Janise Burrafato who modeled and wrote about the piece in her blog, Mama in Heels.  Says Janice "I'm a firm believer that it's never too late for a new beginning, no matter how old you are or what economic status you're in".

    • Glass beaded long necklace
    • 22"-36" adjustable cotton cord
    • Made in Nepal
    • Socially and environmentally responsible
    Learn More
  11. Tribal Mystique Necklace

    Tribal Mystique Necklace


    Truly unique, the Tribal Mystique is a long -time customer favorite. 40" long including marbled glass beads, painted wooden beads, and lavender colored beads intricately woven on knotted cord.

    • Glass and wood bead necklace
    • 40" long on knotted cord
    • Made in Nepal
    • Ethical and Sustainable
    Learn More
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