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Silver Jewelry

Our innovative collection of handmade silver, brass, and copper jewelry is crafted by some of South Asia’s first women metalsmiths - because the profession is  traditionally practiced only by men.  Your purchase empowers artisans who once struggled with poverty, severe discrimination, or slavery.  

These courageous young women are no longer defined by the deprivation and exploitation of their pasts.  Today they are glowing with joy because they get to express their creativity in a respectful and supportive work environment, and earning more than anyone in their family every dreamed possible.

"You know those lucky people, who all their dreams come true?  Well, now I am one of them!"  Soma

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  1. Silver HOPE Word Necklace

    Silver HOPE Word Necklace


    NEW - the 'HOPE' word necklace, designed by UK metal sculptor Roger Weisman, now in luminous sterling silver, on 18" sterling silver  chain with lobster claw clasp. Made in India, by our pioneering survivor-artisans, some of India's first women goldsmiths! Learn More
  2. Riveted Sterling Silver Bangle

    Riveted Sterling Silver Bangle


    Sterling silver bangle is hand-formed, hammer-textured, then riveted closed in a design that marries the feminine and the industrial. 8" width. Designed By Dianna Badalament and made at the MBS Jewelry Centers in India. Learn More
  3. Bell Flower Necklace

    Bell Flower Necklace


    NEW - this exquisite 1.5" long sterling silver pendant, is modeled on a flower that grows on vines near our Jalpaiguri jewelry studio in Northeast India. 18" sterling silver rope chain with lobster claw clasp. Designed by Nancy Edwards, who explains her inspiration, "I carved this hanging blossom with wonderful memories of my time spent teaching the Jalpaiguri jewelry team. The shelter housemother and I would regularly walk the students from the shelter home to the jewelry studio three blocks away. So, four times daily we passed this flowering tree leaning over a wall on the side of the road. If Housemother was not paying attention, (she didn't approve of bringing the dirty roadside flowers into the home), the girls would run to gather up as many flowers as they could before being noticed. One day, to everyone's surprise, Housemother started leaping at the high branches of the tree to grab fresh flowers, which she then distributed to anyone. We all giggled the rest of the way home". Learn More
  4. Jaifal Flower Bracelet

    Jaifal Flower Bracelet

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    Intricate sterling silver bracelet, handcrafted in Nepal, depicts six delicate.5" Jaifal flowers, which grow wild in high altitudes throughout Nepal, 7.5" long with handmade S-clasp. Designed by Jinx McGrath, and hand-crafted by survivors at the new Esther Benjamin Trust Jewelry Workshop in Nepal. Made to match our Jaifal Flower necklace, Flower Garnet earrings, and Jaifal Flower Hoop Earrings. Learn More
  5. Lotus Mosaic Necklace

    Lotus Mosaic Necklace


    This glorious mosaic pendant depicts the lotus flower, a flower full of meaning in Asia.The lotus flower represents good fortune, purity and overcoming. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower’s first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. Our new range of mosaic jewelry from Nepal is made from upcycled formica kitchen tile scraps, and set in sterling silver, with silver plated brass backplates, on 16" silver chain. Made by Survivors at Freedom Matters Nepal. White flower on Light blue or Yellow background, Red flower on white background. Learn More
  6. Sterling Silver Peacock Earrings

    Sterling Silver Peacock Earrings


    Lovely and deeply personal design by Dianna Badalament, these hammer textured earrings are hand-cut from the finest sterling silver

    • Sterling silver earrings
    • Sterling silver earring wires
    • 2" long, exclusive of ear wires
    • Handmade in India
    • Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry
    The design was inspired by peacocks which hold a special meaning for designer Dianna Badalament. On one occasion, she even spotted a peacock near the shelter home outside Mumbai as she was teaching the design to the survivors! This design is also available in gold plate. Dianna and our other jewelry trainer Nancy Edwards both run their own successful artisan jewelry businesses, and they love sharing their passion for precious metal jewelry with our survivors, who report that they are transformed by the experience of metalsmithing. Learn More
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