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This elegant necklace evokes a night sky, silvery moon and twinkling stars. Two strands of freshwater pearls, grey and blue pearl disks, and black faceted glass beads on knotted string, 21" with sterling silver clasp. Handcrafted by survivors at Rahab Ministries, Thailand.

  • Freshwater pearl necklace with glass beads and pearl disks
  • Knotted string with sterling silver clasp
  • Made in Thailand
  • Fair trade

This necklace is made by survivors at Rahab Bazar in Bangkok.   The Rahab staff are very sensitive to the needs of each individual woman and girl - understanding that each person is unique with her own dreams, gifts and potential.  But some things we all have in common: no one wants to be degraded and exploited.  Everyone needs and deserves to be loved.  Every few months, the Rahab team takes the women (including those still snared in exploitation) on excursions to the beach, enabling them to play and to feel safe and happy, and to build on the relationships they have started.  For many girls, this is their first experience of safety, dignity and love in a long time.  Thanks to the presence of Rahab in this community, it doesn't have to be their last.


Nightshade Necklace