Our Animal People project provides dignified and fairly paid employment to survivors, training women as veterinary technicians, animal handlers, groomers and animal ambulance staff.  The mission of this new project is to help both survivors, and the many abused and neglected street animals in Calcutta and other urban areas. 

In India, there are over 50 million street dogs and cats.  In many cities, like Calcutta, there are very few animal services and those that do exist are unable to provide enough basic help for all theanimals. Local communities are overwhelmed by the problem, and street animals are stigmatized and badly abused as a result. People too are suffering. Poverty and the lack of job options - especially for women - is a root cause of trafficking and exploitation.  In order to be safe and independent, survivors need high quality jobs that can raise their social status.  The survivors who will participate in this  project have the additional challenges of low literacy and very long-term trauma, making it impossible for them to succeed in more traditional careers.  

In Phase I of this project, we are partnering with Animal Aid Unlimited, India's premier animal shelter and rescue program, to train survivors in animal care.  We will then place them in jobs at animal shelters in their home cities or at Animal Aid. 

In Phase II, we are buying and equipping a mobile animal hospital (ambulance) which will be staffed and managed by survivors.  Phase I is fully funded, thanks to a grant from the Lush Cosmetics Foundation and generous individual donors.  

Phase II - the mobile hospital - will cost $30,000 to launch, employing 20 deserving women and helping many hundreds of truly desperate animals.   You can earmark a gift to help fund the animal ambulance with a secure online donation.


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We are proud to have Belinda Carlisle, international pop star and member of groundbreaking girl rock group The GoGos, as a member of the the executive team for this program.