Financials and Annual Reports

Made by Survivors is committed to efficiency and fiscal responsibility.  We keep salaries and overhead to a minimum (with just one full-time US staff member), so that every possible dollar can go where it is needed most - to survivors and programs in the field.  Our 2016 overhead is entirely covered by a generous grant from the Foster Family Foundation, so every dollar you donate will go directly to one of our core programs - employment, education and shelter/aftercare.   Our financials and tax filings are audited annually.  

2014 Program Expenses:

Employment programs $434,394 
Education                      $32,416 
Rescue and Aftercare     $47,000 
Fundraising expenses      $20,940
Admin/ Overhead           $29.722 
Total                         $601,000


Review our financials in our 2014 IRS Form 990 and 2013 IRS Form 990