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Silver Dianna Necklace

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Product Description

This intricate handwoven pendant, features a hammered sterling silver circle woven with silver wire and accented with semiprecious stone chips. Strung on 18" silver snake chain and designed by our Jewelry Program Director and intrepid trainer Dianna Badalament.
  • Sterling silver pendant with semiprecious stone chips
  • 18" silver chain
  • Handcrafted in India
  • Sustainable for people and planet
The semi-precious gemstone beads woven into the wire in this fair trade necklace represent the human soul trapped in slavery. According to the UN, there are over 27 million people living as slaves in today's world. Researcher Kevin Bales, in his book 'Disposable People', explores the fact that modern slavery differs from historical slavery in the fact that slaves have become so cheap, it is easier to throw them away and replace them than to protect their health, safety, or even their lives. In the 1800s, an 18 year old field slave cost the equivalent of $40,000 in today's money. Today, a field slave can be bought for $80. Being bought and sold as property, treated as disposable and utterly devalued is devastating to survivors' self-esteem. That is why our employment programs offer counseling, team building and many activities designed to improve participants' self-esteem. Most of all, we treat the survivors with dignity and respect, and offer them the chance to become independent, giving them value to themselves, their family and society - so much value that they can never again be enslaved.


Silver Dianna Necklace