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Sponsorship Program Sites


Nepali sponsored girls

Apple of God's Eyes, Kathmandu Nepal

Our sponsored kids at Apple of God' Eyes in Kathmandu, Nepal live in large, family-style homes that provide care to over 250 children. Most of these children study at the Apple of God's Eyes Academy, which opened its doors in April 2009 to meet the needs of the expanding family of kids. Living and attending school at Apple of God's Eyes truly transforms the lives of all the children,including trafficking survivors, kids born into brothel communities, and kids who once lived alone on the streets, vulnerable to every kind of exploitation.  Programs at this school include music, dance, art therapy, and lots and lots of love.



Sponsored kids at Jalpaiguri


Women's Interlink Foundation, Jalpaiguri

Our newest sponsorship program, launched in spring 2013, supports all 32 girls at the Women's Interlink Foundation shelter in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India.  The survivors are currently housed in rented premises, while we raise funds to construct a new shelter for them (our Free Forever Campaign).  The new shelter will have room for 100 girls.  Children in this sponsorship program are aged 7-18 and include trafficking survivors, kids born into brothels, survivors of child slavery on farms, members of high risk communities including tribal groups who were sent to the shelter to prevent them from being sold into slavery.  These girls are absolutely adorable and full of life and hope, and we are in urgent need of sponsors for them.

School sponsored kids at Princess Home, Nepal Princess Home, Kathmandu Nepal

The Princess Home, in Kathmandu, Nepal was originally established by Ranjit and Sarah Kunwar in a room of their church on a shoestring budget, to care for trafficked girls, street children, and children at high risk for trafficking because of extreme poverty or other family circumstances..  The home now houses 30 girls.  In April 2010, ten of the young women from the Princess Home enrolled in school for the first time, with sponsorship from Made By Survivors. For some, this was their first academic experience, for others it was a long-awaited return to school. All of these young women are making tremendous progress including our first college graduate!  some of the the older girls and young women at Princess Home are also employed making Made By Survivors collection of beaded jewelry, helping to pay for their own education and housing.

 School sponsored kids from Ektara, CalcuttaEktara, Calcutta, India

 Ektara is a prevention center located in Calcutta's Topsia slum, situated near a railway station and railway tracks, along which many of our children live in tarpaper shacks or 10 to a room in crumbling apartment buildings.  Because of large family size, poverty, and cultural norms, many women and girls in this Muslim community have not had access to education and rarely left their homes.  Mothers are often forced to work as 'ragpickers', going through pile of discarded trash to find saleable items.  Many girls were being trafficked from the railway station, and all were vulnerable to child marriage and domestic violence. 25 girls and boys from Ektara are now getting a top quality education at a private school across town through MBS sponsorship.  The sponsored kids, who were once marginalized as  ‘slumdogs’ and rarely ventured out of the slum, now attend school, play, and receive tutoring and counseling at the Ektara Center.


School sponsored child from Womens Interlink Foundation, Calcutta

Women's Interlink Foundation Nijuloy Home, Calcutta, India,

Nijuloy houses 100 survivors and girl children from the Sonagachi red light district of Calcutta.  WIF is also our partner for both the Made By Survivors Calcutta and Darjeeling Jewelry Centers.  We sponsors 22 Nijuloy girls aged 7-16 to attend good quality schools near the shelter.   In 2011, we raised funds to build an additional floor for the WIF shelter in Calcutta, so they can take in another 25 survivors a year, and we will be providing academic sponsorship to as many of these new girls as we can. 


Freedom School Sponsored kids in Northern India

Freedom School, Varanasi India

The 48 children in the Freedom School used to spend their days working alongside their parents in quarries or farms working off ‘debts’ - often small debts of less than $100 which only accumulate over time.  Children growing up in bonded labor slavery do not receive education, so they grow up with no skills or ability to live independently.  Thankfully, in Firojpur, Northern India, we are working with an amazing organization called MSEMSV which rescues entire communities from slavery.  They start by convincing parents to let their children attend school, rather than working.   Our Freedom School serves as a community center, from which MSE workers reach out to enslaved families in the village, raising awareness of the fact that bonded labor is illegal and immoral.  Ultimately, the entire village is enabled to leave slavery as a group, so that no one family can be targeted for reprisals. We look forward to opening a new Freedom School in 2013!

Sponsors will be assigned a child in one of these programs in order of need, unless you express a preference for a particular program at the time of sign-up

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