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This is No Ordinary Joy - book

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NEW - book by Made By Survivors' founder and Director Sarah Symons shares the stories of courageous survivors, and the joys and obstacles of launching the organization to save women and children from a life of slavery and exploitation. 25% of profits will be donated to our newest program - a shelter construction project in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India. 25% of sales profits to survivor school sponsorship at our newest program in Jalpaiguri, India (the Free Forever shelter, near Darjeeling) From a recent Amazon review "This is No Ordinary Joy", should be required reading for all of us who wonder if we have what it takes to change the world...and ourselves. Driven by deep personal commitment, compassion, and, above all, a steadfast resolve that the child slavery constitutes an evil that must not be allowed to stand in today's world, Symons and her dedicated MbS team have developed and deployed a unique survivor empowerment model that provides education, high-value job skills training, and a pathway to economic freedom and social reintegration to some of the world's most marginalized citizens. In addition to poignantly, and often humorously, depicting the challenges (and challenging personalities) she encounters along MbS path, Symons shares the survivors' stories, their struggles, their triumphs -- and, yes, their occasional heart-wrenching defeats. As Symons states early on, this is no sanitized "official" organizational history. The warts are all there: the fears and occasional failures, the economic and interpersonal challenges, the inevitable late night second-guessing. Symons is a hero and a highly relevant role model for today's world precisely because she is, by her own admission, not infallible, not omnipotent, not a saint. In prose that evidences her deep love for each child Symons conveys both the incredible resilience of the human spirit against all odds and that wondrous aspect of humanity that allows the best among us to "see wrong and try to right it; see suffering and try to heal it."


This is No Ordinary Joy - book