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Tibetan Winter Card Set of 6

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All holiday cards, including this new Tibetan winter design, are on special this week.  Buy one, get one free (maximum 10 free sets)

The cards are blockprinted with a cultural design from Tibet depicting a snowy scene with water buffalo, nomadic dwellings, and fanciful clouds.They come in a set of six, 4.5" x 6", with cream-colored envelopes. They are handcrafted by courageous women In Nepal who are rebuilding their lives after suffering human rights abuses such as slavery and caste discrimination. Many of the women who make these cards are from the Dalit or 'Untouchable' caste, which makes them particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses and extreme poverty.   The richly textured paper is made from renewable resources - the Daphne plant, which grow wild at higher elevations throughout Nepal.

Made By Survivors at Bhaktapur, Nepal. Each card is stamped with Made By Survivors logo.



Tibetan Winter Card Set of 6