Empowering Women to Design Their Own Bright Futures.

How is Made By Survivors Different?


Business Expertise, Local knowledge, Programs make us different



Equals Changed Lives!

For the past seven years, Made By Survivors has operated programs on the ground in Asia, partnering with the most innovative and effective local organizations.  Our locally grown and international staff work together to understand and meet the needs of survivors.

Our team is made up of leaders from the private sector and leading universities.  CEO John Berger brings his 18 years of experience as a Wall Street investment banker. 

Academic and business advisors include Babson, Development Solutions Organization, MIT, Stanford, RISD, University College Falmouth UK, and innovative leaders from Twitter and Linked In. 

Cases highlighting Made By Survivors' work have been taught at Harvard Kennedy School, Tufts, and Babson College of Business

Our model is not to get survivors just above the poverty line but to train and employ them in high paying careers.  Some of our first jewelry trainees are now serving as trainers, program managers and mentors for new trainees.  They are breaking gender barriers and transforming their families and communities.

All of our centers are designed so they can be independent, self-sustaining,  and survivor-owned within three years of launch. You Can Help Button

Our survivors are not just manufacturers of other people's designs.  With help from design professors and professional artisan jewelers, we are training them to become designers and express their own creativity and life experiences  through their jewelry.