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Luminous beaded bracelet, made with glass seed beads on memory wire. Made by Survivors at a Maiti Nepal border station, for victims who were intercepted in the process of being trafficked into India.

  • Fair trade beaded bracelet
  • Made in Nepal
  • 2" tall by 8" long, adjustable with tension closure

Maiti Nepal is one of the largest shelMBS day of conceptionters for trafficking survivors in the world, with room for 1000 women and children in their main shelter in Kathmandu, plus 15 smaller border shelters scattered along Nepal's thousand mile border with India. An estimated 15-20 girls a day are trafficked across the border into India.  Maiti Nepal holds a special place in our hearts because it was there - in 2004 - that the idea for Made by Survivors originated. In the words or our founder Sarah Symons "We had asked Anuradha Koirala, the president of Maiti Nepal, what kind of help she needed the most. She suggested working on self-sufficiency for the older survivors. Many had been living at Maiti’s shelter for some years, and formal education was not an option, because they were 16 years old or older, and had never even gone to kindergarten.

We brainstormed about ways to help the girls become economically independent – it is difficult because they are stigmatized by Nepali society as 'bad girls' and prostitutes. Some have HIV/AIDS leading to further discrimination. The next day, during a tour of the shelter, we came upon a small room piled high with sparkly purses and beaded jewelry which were being made as part of an art therapy program.

Well, it was obvious what to do!..."   The picture at left is the very room where Sarah first saw the handicrafts, taken on the very day MBS was conceived!


Wire Beaded Bracelet