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School Sponsorship


Want to Change a Child's Life Forever?  Become a School Sponsor


School sponsored children in Nepal

Child survivors of slavery, and kids born into brothel communities, are destined to grow up and repeat the cycle unless they are given education and support to build a different kind of life.

Made By Survivors’ supports the education of over 200 child survivors and kids at high risk to attend school, many for the first time in their lives. We are committed to helping these children continue their education as far as they can, through high school, college or vocational training. 

Over the past eight years running programs for survivors, we have learned that educating a child through grade 10 or training her in a high-skills, high wage profession ensures that she will not be trafficked into slavery or re-trafficked.

Some of the children in our education programs were once enslaved in brothels for sexual exploitation. Others labored in quarries or brick kilns, or as domestic servants. Some are the children of slaves, growing up in red light areas.

Education transforms not only the survivors, but also their families, serving as an inspiring example to others, and ultimately bringing sustainable income into the family and community.

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Sponsorship costs only $30 a month.  Donors can sponsor the children through monthly payments, or through a one-time donation of any amount to our Education Fund.  It costs $30 a month ($360 a year) to sponsor one child for a year.   

100% of sponsorship donations are used for the children’s education and related needs.  We don’t use sponsorship donations for overhead or for any other projects, and we never will.   


       Sponsorship pays for:

  • School fees, uniforms, and school supplies
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Room and board in aftercare shelters
  • Afterschool support and tutoring services for children living with their families 

       Sponsors Receive:

  • Quarterly updates about their sponsored child and other children in his/her sponsorship group
  • Photos and reports from staff visits to sponsorship program    
  • Letters or cards from your sponsored child
  • Progress reports and report cards
  • Best of all, you will  share the joy of watching a child grow up in safety and freedom

Click a Button below to donate monthly through Paypal, or with a one time donation of $360 (secure online donation through JustGive) for a year of sponsorship. 

You can also donate by check payable to T.E.N. Charities, PO Box 3403, St. Augustine, FL  32085, or make a donation in any amount to our Education Fund. 

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School sponsored child from Calcutta    School sponsored children from Calcutta

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